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Yinfara is a colorful forest age, being created as team effort. It will also feature a puzzle to gain a reward and a marvellous view on the entire age.

Yinfara is being run as a group of tasks. The first task, or "contest" can be found in the forums. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Note: Development is currently on indefinite hold.


There are frequent thunderstorms in Yinfara, during which the color of the sky will intensify, the wind will begin to blow, rain will start pouring down, and Lightning will soon follow.

The Sky

The sky in Yinfara turns five colors, over the course of five days. Red,Blue,Green,Yellow, and Normal(no specific tinted color, like earth) After every day, Night comes, and the stars come out, and whatever color the sky was during the day, will be the color of the moon. This cycle of the sky is due to the fact that Yinfara has five suns, and a moon. Each sun is a different color, and when night comes, the moon reflects the color of the sun.

Major areas


Link in hut

Link in hut

The link in hut is made of Yinfara tree bark, which is green.

It is a fairly small, cozy room with a chair, couch, desk, carpeting, and a metal box that looks similar to a fuse box.

Link in hut.jpg

On the table is a journal.

The Waterfall


A small waterfall, flowing from over a brick wall, (which is at water level, due to a small valley.) It is similar in size to the relto waterfall.

To one side of the brick wall, is a door with five buttons, and a power bar, similar to the light gauge in the lighthouse, in the stoneship age. The door is locked.

Side of falls.jpg

To the right of the pond below the waterfall, is a dock, similar to the one on relto.

Glass hut

Green glass hut

On the beach, is a beautiful multicolor glass hut. Stone steps lead up to a pair of wooden doors, and into the hut.

Inside, there are steps on the left and right.

Steps up.png

At the top is a large white carpet with an intricate black design. The light shines through, casting every possible colored light, onto the rug.



A marshy swamp, full of brownish green water. In the middle is a rock.



The door to open

WARNING: this section contains spoilers concerning the puzzles in Yinfara.

There are seven puzzles in yinfara, two of them are major puzzle, and the other five are mini puzzles.

The objective of these puzzles is to open the locked door at the waterfall. As mentioned before, on the door there are five symbols, that can be changed by clicking on them, and above that, a meter. In order to open the door, it must first be given power (e.g, the meter must be full.)

Control panel

There are large lightning rods in each of the four major areas on the island. However, they are all down. In order to raise one, the player must use the control panel in the link in hut, and press the button of the rod they want to raise.

Before this works however, a locking mechanism must be unlocked, on whichever lightning rod the player wishes to raise. These are the mini puzzles. Each rod will have a locking mechanism on it, and a mini puzzle, relating to the area it is in, will need to be solved to unlock it. Once the rod is unlocked, and raised, the player must wait for a storm. The rod that is raised will probably be struck, thus giving power to the door. In order to give the door full power, all the rods must be struck, but each can only be used once, and only one can be up at a time.

Projected symbol

Once the door has power, the player will need to enter the correct combination into the door. This is where the Glass hut comes in. Inside the hut, depending on what color the sun is on that day, a symbol will be cast on the carpet below.

The player will need to note what color the sun is, on the day a symbol is cast, and the order of the symbols. Once this is done, they can enter their results into the door. entering the first symbol that appeared, and it's correct color, on the first spot on the combination, the second symbol on the second spot, and so on, until the correct combination is entered, and the door can open.

When opened, there is a long flight of stairs to an underground cave. In this massive cavern, there are beds, houses, etc. To one side, there is a tunnel leading to the Glass hut, opening a trap door beneath the carpet. To another side, there is a narrow shaft, with a long ladder leading to another trap door. This one opens to another glass hut that is larger, and more spectacular than the one on the beach. In it, there can be seen a view of the whole island, and various open panes with telescopes pointed out. In this room, there will be reward items (Shirts, etc.), and a book with the credits of the age.


Justin is the writer of the age, the journal explains that when he linked into the age, the link in hut had no carpet, desk, lamp, lamp table, couches, and the control panel did not have english labels. It was translated by trial and error. He pressed the buttons, and solved the mini puzzles, to find out which lightning rod goes to which button, and then added English labels.) The lightning rods, waterfall, locked door, glass hut, etc. was already there.

Throughout the island, there are clues of people who once lived in Yinfara, such as pieces of paper with drawings and strange markings on them, carvings, etc. There are also notes written by Justin, attempting to translate them. fter the player enters the locked door, there will be more artifacts, particularly a book with drawings, and descriptions (in annother language) continuing the story discovered on the surface of the island.

According to the artifacts, it appears that some people came to the island of Yinfara, to excape from enemies. They hid on the island, and stayed there for a few years, knowing that someday their enemy will come back with more ships, and more people, to finish them off.Over the years, the people on the island built the Glass hut, link in hut, waterfall, lightning rod puzzles, and the lock on the door in the waterfall. They lived in the caverns below the island, and dug a narrow shaft in the mountain, and a ladder to the top (from the caverns.) At the top of the shaft, they built annother glass hut, much larger than the one on the beach, with a view of the island, and a telescope pointing out one of the windows, to watch for their enemies. The hut was camouflaged by trees, so their enemies could not see them. If the enemies returned, the people would carefully watch their enemies try to solve the puzzles, and if they couldn't, sail away in defeat. The day finally came when their enemies returned to attack, but when they finally solved the puzzles, the people had already excaped through a tunnel that led to the beach glass hut, and sailed away on their enemy's ships. The enemies had a few remaining ships, but were easily defeated by the inhabitants of Yinfara.


Stage legend:

  1. Concept
  2. Storyline
  3. Building
  4. Puzzles, and animations
  5. Sounds and music
  6. Maintainer inspection
  7. Finalization

Yinfara is currently on stages 1 and 3.

Current Progress

There has recently been a re-envisioning of Yinfara, this island will now include a village, and will be a huge island with certain explorable areas, rather than the previous smaller island, with all accessible areas.

In order to keep the project moving, it will now be run as a series of individual tasks.

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