Well... this page is about me (Lontahv). Let me start with my skills and go from there.


My 3d skills include:

  • multi-layered texturing
  • Super low-poly modeling
  • Stencils
  • Dynamic lighting of ages (for day-night cycles mostly)
  • Advanced animation (going into the realm of programming here a bit)
  • Modeling 3d objects from single photo (and texturing them with that photo as well).
  • Lightmapping
  • Texture creation in gimp.

My Scripting skills:

  • AlcScript
  • Python - General, Blender API, Plasma API
  • C++

You can see a sample of my work in this promo video for my age Tre'bivdil, which took first place in the RAD small age contest.

Current projects underway

My AhraPahts shells

Shell 407: Main Area (% complete): Planning: complete, Rough modeling: 90%, Overall: 20% Mechanical Room (% complete): Planning: 10%, Rough modeling: 5%, Overall: 3% Lounge/Maproom (% complete): Planning: 8%, Rough modeling: 5%, Overall: 4%

Shell 425: Don't really have that many plans for this one... I think it may have something large in it.


This is a next generation PyPRP plugin for use with Blender 2.5+. Its development foci are ease of use through intuitive graphical user interfaces, and compatibility with all versions of Uru.


Either send me a Private Message on the forums or come onto GuildChat (I'm there a lot)