Author Boblishman
Version 2009Sep7
Availability UAM

This is a mining Age owned by "The Company", though its real purpose is for you, the explorer, to find out.

Status: Complete.


This was a continuously evolving Age in which Boblishman tried to include at least one object that used the latest released "function" of PyPRP. Progress was slow as Boblishman also concentrated on vertex painting and model texturing to add depth to the Age.

It features:

  • ambient sound,
  • background music,
  • footstep sounds,
  • object animations,
  • synchronised avatar animations with sound (clickable door/secret panel opening),
  • animated textures,
  • a sub-world ("ride"),
  • journals (with "skecthes"),
  • a "sit"-able,
  • a linking book,
  • kickables,
  • dynamic footprints,
  • softvolumes (sounds and visions restriced to certain areas),
  • a waveset ("real, reflecting water with waves"),
  • and most of the features currently available from the latest version of PyPRP.


To "solve" the Age, you need to find the Sonavian's exit spot. You will be rewarded with a special musical piece.