FNI Settings

.fni files are files that go along with every Age. They control its fog settings. They are placed in the dat directory and are xTEA encrypted files. Pretty much everything but the actual setting lines should be commented (with a #), but otherwise the structure of them seems pretty open.


The traditional FNI settings are as follows.

Rendering distance

Graphics.Renderer.SetYon [distance]

This is the maximum distance that Uru will render. Leaving it at the default value is usually fine.

Fog Types

Graphics.Renderer.Fog.SetDefLinear [start] [end] [density]
Graphics.Renderer.Fog.SetDefExp2 [end] [density]

These are the two types of fog. You must use one or the other, and not both. Exp2 only uses the "end" value, however, and is only used in Er'cana. It is not recommended for use anywhere else.

Fog Color

Graphics.Renderer.Fog.SetDefColor [red] [green] [blue]

This sets the fog color with a traditional 0-1 RGB color.

Clear Color

Graphics.Renderer.SetClearColor [red] [green] [blue]

This sets the onscreen color when there is nothing to display (which should never happen, but does when there's an error). A standard 0-1 RGB color.


FNI files can of course be manually edited then encrypted. However, you can use the provided tools to edit them too.


Just as AlcScript settings are stored in the AlcScript text file in Blender, FNI settings are stored in the init text file. If you haven't already done so, open up a "Text Editor" panel in Blender (just as you would open another "3D View" or a "Buttons Window"). You can then edit the settings.