Explorer Restoration Center Age

Author ERC Team
Version 2.0
Availability UAM

Welcome to the home page for the Explorer Restoration Center Age!

Source Files

The concept sketches, textures and Blender files for the Age are stored in an "ERC Team" account on To request access to this account, send a PM to Jennifer_P on the Guild of Writers forums.


The table below indicates the status of the various components of the ERC age.

Component Status Assigned To Assigned Date Link To File
Master Age Blender File Created [Robert the rebuilder] - -
Terrain skin Incorporated - -
Sky dome Incorporated - - -
Pavilion Screenshot Jennifer_P - -
ERC Building Does not exist - - -
Medusa Plant Incorporated [Ametist] -
Tornado Cone Concept sketch - -
Cherry Blossoms Garden Bridge Model Complete - -
Stair To Moon Bridge Being incorporated [Jojon] -

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