Detailed Age Writing

Detailed Age WritiNg Contest (DAWN) is a competition in which various Writers try to produce an Age with in-depth development in the area of details and story.

Winners will be displayed in the Hall of Fame.


  1. contestants will have 1 or more months to work on their ages
  2. emphasis in judging will be on story and audiovisual details
    1. story as stated above can also refer to the ages background info - in whatever form given - and immersion or continuity (why is an object in your age? How did it get there? How does it affect the environment?)
  3. contestants are allowed to submit continuations of previous work - as long as considerable extra work has been done on said works
    1. reusing content from previous ages is allowed
  4. teams of up to 3 people are allowed
    1. you can accept any help during development, as long as the major part of the work is done by you or your team
  5. the judging panel will primarily consist of the contestants themselves (peer-assessment)
    1. contestants will judge all ages except their own
    2. if they are willing, up to 5 maintainers may also join the judging panel, those maintainers will be judging all ages
    3. contestants are required to have their ages checked out by maintainers before the final submission.

Disclaimer: you cannot distribute Cyan Worlds' files.

Signing Up

There are currently no DAWNs being planned. Signing up is disabled.

Hall of Fame

The following is the winning Age for the DAWN held in 2009, digitally immortalized in the DAWN Hall of Fame, along with other submitted Ages.

DAWN February 2009

Winner: Eder Licinius (GPNMilano).

Eder Licinius, the winning Age.



  • ametist
  • Dot
  • GPNMilano
  • Mystifed Explorer
  • Trylon