Checking Scale in Ages

You will need to check the scale in your Ages to make sure that when you link in for the first time the Age is as you wanted it to be, and not twice bigger or ten times smaller.

The unit used in Blender is the standard US Foot. So 1 unit on the grid in Blender = 1 foot in Uru. (1 foot = 30.5 centimeters) As a reference the male avatar in Uru is 6 feet high (1.80 meters) and 2 feet large (60 cm). You can easily see the scale in Blender with the grid in the 3D views.

Dummy avatar
The easiest way to check the scale of your objects when modeling is to put an avatar in your Age; or at least an object the size of an avatar. You can either create a simple cube and edit it to be the size of an avatar, or you can download this ready-made avatar (see screenshot on the right). It is the exact size of a regular male Uru avatar, so you can import it in any Age and move it around to easily check the scale of everything. Also it uses a specific property so that it does not export with the Age; so you can use it in your Blender scene and it will not apppear in Uru.

To import it in your Age: open your Age then use the 'File' > 'Append or Link' menu (or use the shift-F1 shortcut). Browse to the avatar.blend file, then click on 'Object', and finally click on the 'DummyAvatar' Object.

>> [Download avatar.blend] (right-click and 'save-as' )