This page answers various questions about the many features of Blender.

I - Modelling

What should I think of if I want my age to perform as good as possible?

- Turn off Shadow buf. You find this in blender materials tab. The button is called Shadbuf

- If you can scale down a texture without losing too much quality: do it.

- Even though there is no limit to how many faces or vertices you can use in an age: less is better.

- There is a size-limit to how many vertices an object can have.

- The Subsurf modifier can make a lot of vertices-

If you get to many vertices on an object, you can try to reduce the count by using blenders decimate modifier (some information found here: Or poly reducer script (some information found here: Break the object in to several objects. Delete vertices that are not necessary and vertices that are not visible.

II - Texturing

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III - Lighting

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IV - Other

How do I add a property to my object?

This is referring to a logic property. To add this property to your object, first select the object. Then go to the Logic panel (hit the F4 key). You'll see a large "Add Property" button on this panel. Click it, and it will add a blank property.

Let's say, for example, that you wanted to add a page_num property that corresponded to your Shell for Ahra Pahts.

Change the type (the combo box) from Float to String. Change the name of the property from "prop" to "page_num", and set the value to the number of your shell. It should look like the image below.

Page num property.jpg

V - Blender Troubleshooting

"My object appears pink."

Before fixing this, answer this question: Should this object have a texture?

  • If the answer is no:
    • The pink color in the real time view is not the material, but the uv layer, which references a uv image. Just click the X next to the UV coordinate layer to remove it, and there won't be any more dead image references in the real time view.


  • If the answer is yes:
    • Reloading the texture into the "empty" UV window (it appears "empty" when you have the object & (missing) texture selected) solves the "pink" issue without having to delete the UV block ... thus preserving your UV mapping.