Ahra Pahts

Ahra Pahts

Author Collaborative
Version 0.8.Q
Availability UAM

Ahra Pahts is an Age for the community. Created by Age Builders and the New Tree, it is a vast city with spaces, or "shells", of zoned area in which any Writer who feels so inclined may build his or her own addition. All you need to do is look at the list of available spaces, sign up for one of the shells, and build!

A map of zoning areas, guidelines and empty shell templates for Blender are available below.

For questions or troubleshooting help, please post on the Ahra Pahts forums.


Ahra Pahts is made up of a great number of shells, all fitted together to form a cohesive whole. Individuals wishing to contribute to Ahra Pahts must reserve one shell, edit it, then submit it for it to be reintegrated into the Age. For more information about shells, consult this article.

A map of the current state of Ahra Pahts can be seen below. Last updated: June 7 2010

WARNING: this map is heavily outdated. Please refer to the appropriate wiki article instead.


Getting Started

You can follow this tutorial to help you get started in your Ahra Pahts endeavours. It assumes minimal Blender knowledge and will help you build a fully functional shell you can test with.


Despite the currently dormant status of the Guild of Maintainers, you can post on this thread and wait for a Maintainer to inspect your Age.


The story for Ahra Pahts has not yet been finalized. A draft is in progress here.

Additional Resources